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Carsten Rudolph

Professional Software Developer and Computer Graphics Researcher. Hobbyist Game Developer and Photographer.

Photography Portfolio

Landscape Portrait Long Exposure Urban Exploration Lost Places

Welcome to my photography portfolio. My name is Carsten and I am an amateur photographer from Chemnitz, Germany. I enjoy exploring abandoned places with my camera, taking long exposure and landscape shots. I recently started with portrait and people photography.

I have no intention of producing "professional" photography. Instead, I enjoy the process of taking, developing and editing photos. Being a computer scientist, focussing on graphics, I am keen to learn about cameras, lenses and light transport and apply those principles to software or algorithms.

Portraits & People

I recently started taking portraits and began to appreciate the beauty of proper lighting even more.

Nighttime & Long Exposures

I enjoy the artistic touch, long exposure shots during nighttime and blue hour are producing.

Urban Exploration & Lost Places

Abandoned places tell interesting stories, if you just look close enough.

Landscapes, Nature & Architecture

Travelling always gives me a sense of appreciation for the beauty of the world.